Temporary or permanent, Atlas Bleachers supplies scaffolding for every industry.

At Atlas Bleachers, we offer temporary and permanent scaffolding for the construction, sporting and entertainment industries. Our scaffolds are versatile and can support ramps and anything from extreme skateboarding to sound equipment for concerts, as well as shoring and access for construction sites.

Atlas Bleachers stocks a full line of frame and system scaffolding to meet all of your needs.

System Scaffold

This type of scaffold utilizes horizontal, vertical, and diagonal 1.9"; galvanized tubing members to create scaffold towers of various sizes. The vertical supports are made up of different lengths of tubing with connection devices (known as stirrups, rings or cups) attached to them. The diagonals and horizontals have connections known as wedges. These two-wedge connections bond together and create a strong and rigid link. Erection time is faster since no fasteners are needed to make connections.

Frame Scaffold

The frame scaffold has a simple, yet proven design which makes it our most popular scaffold.

We stock a variety of frame types and sizes in our rental and sales inventory as well as all accessories (braces, planks, casters, etc.). Frame scaffolds have several applications including mixing towers, sound towers and advertising banner towers.




It was a pleasure working with Atlas Bleachers on our Notre Dame football spring game set up. The staff, equipment provided, efficiency of set up and tear down, attention to safety considerations, etc all met expectations and I would not hesitate recommending Atlas Bleachers to others based on our experience. Certainly we would be interested in using your services again if the need arises.

Michael J. Danch
Associate Athletic Director
University of Notre Dame

Everything was great. Thanks so much for your help. The seating and press boxes were perfect for the championships. Hope to work with Atlas again in the future.

Holly Stalcup
Director of Event Management
University of Illinois

As the Athletic Director at Niles North High School, I want to personally thank you and your staff for the excellent service you have once again provided installing the temporary bleachers in our stadium. We have always been pleased with the quality of work your company has provided us over the last six years.

My fifteen years as AD has taught me that dependable service from suppliers like you is essential to the smooth operation of our athletic programs. We can't succeed without your support and professional execution of projects. The grandstand bleachers we rent from your firm, Richard, are an excellent addition to our fields and provide a safe seating solution for our spectators.

This letter of appreciation is our way of informing you of our deep appreciation of your efforts. We look forward to continued business with you for years to come.

Karl Costello
Athletic Director
Niles North High School


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